Hendon Community Cares (HCC)

care in the community for our community by our community

HCC stands for Hendon Community Cares and we really do care.

What we do

Currently HCC offers help with meals to new mothers; three teams deliver substantial groceries to a number of vulnerable/elderly members; sends suggested computer links to entertainment options to 140 members three times a week; and holds fortnightly social circle meetings to which everyone is welcome.

We arrange pastoral care visits to those who are housebound, in hospitals or in nursing homes; arrange shopping where requested; accompany people for walks; arranging more social meetings,

How you can help

We are reliant upon the time, kindness and generosity of our volunteers to support many of our activities. If you are able to offer a some of your time we will be delighted to benefit from it. Some ways you could help are:

  • “buddy” – keeping in touch with those less able to get out and about

Buddies contact their buddies every 6 weeks or so. It can be a little as two phone calls a week every 6 weeks or so. The task is not onerous but the effect is great If you would like to be a buddy simply leave a message with the Shul office.

  • Driver – we are often looking for drivers to bring our members to the fortnightly social circle gatherings
  • Shopper – sometimes our members can’t make it to the shops and so we buy and deliver groceries for them

New initiatives that we would like to undertake include creating a drop in centre; encouraging befriending, especially post bereavement.

I know of someone who need support

There are still many of our members who need help, financial, physical and mental. HCC is there to help and is willingly to help. To provide that help we of course need volunteers but even beyond that we need information.  If no one knows that someone needs help, then how do e get that help to them. 

The buddy system keeps us in touch with the community and is integral to the Chessed that we can give. Help us – Please. If you are aware of any situation where we can help, telephone the shul office. We have always been reactive to requests for help but the buddy system enables us to be proactive, able to help people even before they ask for help.

The Shul office remains open to requests for assistance and if we are unable to provide it ourselves within our cohort of volunteers, we generally are able to point in the direction of other agencies.