Certificate of Religious Practice

The Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) gives applicants the chance to demonstrate Jewish practice when applying to schools where a CRP forms part of the information to be supplied at the time of application.

The CRP process is determined by the United Synagogue centrally. For more information on collecting CRP points please visit the CRP page on the United Synagogue website. They also have an FAQ document there to answer questions you may have on the overall process.

How to Register for CRP points collection at Hendon United Synagogue

If you wish to collect CRP points through Hendon United Synagogue then the process is detailed below.

  1. Any member of Hendon United Synagogue can register to collect CRP points for their child.
  2. Points can only be collected via attendance at shul on Shabbat mornings.
  3. To register please visit the United Synagogue CRP page

Upon collection of the required number of recorded attendances a CRP certificate can be downloaded directly from the United Synagogue CRP page using the login details set up at registration.