HUS Kids

Hendon United Synagogue is the place to be for kids and young families, not just on Shabbat but throughout the year.

Every Shabbat morning there are dedicated services for 0-4s 5-8s and 9-11s with other 100 kids joining the fun every week.

This isn’t where the fun stops either, we run:

  • the largest kids Purim party in London with over 200 attendees
  • an ice cream kiddush on Shavuot
  • a Simchat Torah spectacular
  • special guest appearances by the best entertainers in England
  • Chanukah doughnut breakfast
  • Shalshelet – a (winter) post-Shabbat learning programme for children and parents

There’s also something for the parents to as we hold the annual world renowned 8 Whiskies of Chanukah event to help fund all of these great events.


Weekly Children’s Services on Shabbat (and most Yom Tovs):

Age GroupWhenWhere
Pre-school10:45am-11:30amCommunity Centre (upstairs on the right)
Reception to Year 310:45am-11:30amCommunity Centre (upstairs on the left)
Year4 to Year 610:45am-11:30amCommunity Centre (upstairs at the back on the left)